Apratim B | Consultant

My name is Apratim Barua.

I'm a consultant and the co-founder of Digioni, a technology-based consulting team headquartered in Guwahati, India. 

I'm based in Guwahati, but most likely on the Internet and cyberspace right now.

I work remotely on web-based solutions, digital marketing, and consumer satisfaction.

After graduating with a degree in Information Technology, I spent several years consulting for businesses and non-profit organizations. Over time, I became more fascinated with the internet and cyberspace. So, I returned to the university to earn an additional degree in Advanced Computing.

Currently, I consult for a Canada-based home appliances company, Danby Appliances. I'm available for consulting engagements. 


Apratim Barua


Consultant involved in web-based solutions, consumer relations, product testing, management, and development of new business opportunities. Helping people find an IT solution for their business and non-profit endeavors.