The IT Consultant

Apratim Barua, an Information Technology consultant and a damn fine person who is always looking forward to helping people, started working on the Internet since 2003 after graduating in the Information Technology field.

Apratim is also the founder of Digioni.com (an Information Technology consulting company providing live chat support, social media marketing, and web-based solutions).

Apratim shares information about doing business on the Internet. If you are new to doing business on the Internet or even if an established professional, you’ll find some useful information on Internet business in the blog.

What Others Are Saying About Apratim Barua

What I like about Apratim is that he is totally committed towards his client’s needs and goes the extra mile to solve their problems. – Vadim Yasinovsky (Co-founder, PDFfiller Inc)

Apratim is an excellent project manager and he is passionate about what he does. You can totally count on him to deliver your projects! – Adam Korbl (CEO, Crowded Road Inc)

It is a pleasure to work with Apratim. He is incredibly helpful and a wonderful person. – Jeremy Greenberg (CEO, Seller Cloud Inc)

As an IT consultant, Apratim has many years of experience. I have known him from a long time and his continual commitment to learning means that he has a solution to problems; helping you achieve your goals. He is a sincere person and I strongly recommend him for professional advice. – Suman Howlader (Director, Foiwe Info Global Solutions LLP)

Apratim is someone I look to for unique insight into any aspect of running an internet business. He does the research to back up his claims. – Sandip Chandra (Software Developer & Trainer)

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