Affiliate marketing for beginners – nuts and bolts

Affiliate marketing for beginners – nuts and bolts

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing for beginners can generate a side income and it’s a very simple concept. In this business model, you act as a salesperson and earn a commission for product sales.

Let us take a closer look at affiliate marketing for beginners. How does it actually work? Is it water-tight? Do you always receive the money owed?

How affiliate marketing for beginners work

Affiliate marketing on the internet generally works with cookies. Marketers are given a referral link called URL. When someone buys from this link then the commission is transferred to the marketer automatically. The cookie gets stored on the visitor’s computer via the browser. This cookie informs the seller which marketer generated the sell.

The manufacturer is willing to give away a large share of the profit because they want marketers. The more marketers that promote their products, the more sales they can generate. They are already making a profit from direct sales. The affiliate sales make up added profit on top of that.

Is it possible for affiliate links to go wrong?

There is a possibility of not getting the referral sale. It can happen if, for instance, the visitors to your link browse in private mode. Browsing in private mode disables the cookies. It becomes impossible to track the visitor.

Some affiliate programs restrict the lifetime of the cookie. So depending upon the nature of the affiliate program, you may lose commission. If the visitor clicks the link then goes away and comes back, you will earn based on how long the cookie lasts.

You might also lose commission if a visitor clicks on the link of another affiliate. Again this depends upon the nature of the cookie. A cookie is set by the brand owner. They can decide to use “first in” policy or replace it by the successive referrer.

As an affiliate marketing beginner, these are some of the things to look into. Finally, you might want to cloak your affiliate link to avoid people bypassing it.


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