Best traffic methods for Amazon affiliate sites

Best traffic methods for Amazon affiliate sites

Your Amazon affiliate sites need constant, high-quality traffic to be profitable. Your design doesn’t matter much unless you have lots of people visiting it and purchasing stuff on Amazon after checking out products on your website.

Getting traffic to your Amazon affiliate site is directly proportional to your content marketing efforts. You must have these three essential elements in order to make a profit.

  1. Profitable keywords.
  2. Great content.
  3. Pricing tables.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best traffic methods for Amazon affiliate sites. These methods are easy to understand and they also work like a charm. So, implement these methods in your sites.

Finding the right keywords to target

This is the crucial point when it comes to getting traffic to any type of website. The right keywords will help your website to rank higher among other competing sites in your niche.

I recommend that you use any one of the following two online tools before you start creating content for your Amazon affiliate sites. These tools will help you find different keywords that are relevant to your niche and those used by customers during their research before making a purchase.

Google Keyword Planner: The keyword planner by Google helps you get search data related to your keywords. To use it, you will need to have a Google account and log in. It allows you to search for new keywords using a phrase or website. You can also get search volume data and trends.

SEMRush: You can use SEMRush which provides a lot of information relevant to your keywords. It will show you info on organic search, paid search, trends, and related keywords. You should make sure to target “Buying” keywords which are the keywords people use when they want to find more information before making a purchase.

Most of the time, people want to make an informed purchase or find out alternatives. For e.g. Buying keywords such as “best smartphone”, “buy the best smartphone” etc. should be researched.

These types of keywords are important since people have already made a decision to buy the product and they are just curious to know more before finally placing the order. Using these types of keywords in your Amazon affiliate sites can attract a lot of people who are ready to purchase.

Targetting “long-tail” keywords

“Long-tail” keywords are more specific keywords because they are used to search for more specific criteria when buyers are looking for something they want to purchase. Using the “buy the best smartphone” example, long-tail variations of the keyword can be “buy the best smartphone in 2016”.

It is obvious that long-tail keywords will tend to carry a low search volume because they are very specific. However, they are also more profitable and can generate a lot of sales.

“Best of” articles

Product reviews are the most popular approach. In addition, “best of” articles usually work much better for some niches. This approach can work amazingly well, because “best of” articles followed by any product related keywords can get a lot of traffic.

Leveraging social media

Having a presence in social media sites can help you get more traffic to your Amazon affiliate sites. If your sites contain valuable information, people in social media can share your content and this, in turn, will bring you more traffic. To keep people in social media interested in your content, make sure to include attractive images and valuable content.


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