How to start an Amazon store?

How to start an Amazon store?

When it comes to making money on the internet, e-commerce is one of the biggest trends. Let us take a look at how to start an Amazon store and sell with FBA on Amazon.

E-commerce requires a lot of work if you are selling tangible goods that need shipping. Usually, you have to keep track of inventory and storage. Also, you need to ship the items and handle customer service. Since you are managing your store online, it may look easy but doing everything is as complex as ever.

The customer reach is another big issue. Your business will be as successful as the number of people that come to your store. Amazon has revolutionized e-commerce by making its platform open to sellers. Anybody can sell on its marketplace and make use of the existing customer base.

What is FBA?

FBA means “Fulfillment by Amazon” and is a service provided by Amazon to its sellers. Now Amazon takes care of all your orders and customer service. Amazon picks up, packs the items and ships it to the customer for the merchant. With Amazon’s expertise, you can be worry-free while using FBA service.

The benefits of FBA

When you let Amazon FBA take care of all your orders, you are actually saving a lot of time. You can concentrate on growing your business. All you have to do is send your products to Amazon warehouse for fulfillment by Amazon. The products also become eligible for free shipping making it attractive for customers.

Your marketplace listings will show a logo that says “Fulfilled by Amazon”. Customers will know that Amazon will take care of shipping, and returns. They rest assured that Amazon will provide great customer service.

There is no limit to the number of units or products that you can send to Amazon for fulfillment by FBA. All you need to do is ship your stocks to Amazon. Then concentrate on growing your business.

If you are using other sales channels, you can still manage your orders. Amazon will manage the inventory for you. All you have to do is redirect your sales to Amazon for fulfillment!

Finally, it is a cost-effective service. You will be saving a lot of your time and money in logistics. With Amazon FBA you only pay for storage and order fulfillment.

How does FBA work?

First, you need to create an Amazon sellers account. After that add “fulfillment by Amazon” to your account. Once done you move on to the next step where you create product listings. You can do it one by one or in bulk.

Now, prepare your products to send to an Amazon fulfillment center. Get them packed and identified. In other words, make them e-commerce ready. Once ready, ship them to Amazon. Amazon takes care of customer service 24/7.

FBA pricing

There are several factors that determine the pricing for fulfillment by Amazon. It includes the type of product, storage, and packing. Pricing also depends on whether you use a different sales channel.

Getting started with FBA

Go to homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the “Make Money with Us” section, click “Sell on Amazon”. You will need to create an account. From there, you’ll need to add FBA to your account.


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