Where to find your Shopify products?

Where to find your Shopify products?

You will have to obtain your inventory from somewhere unless you have a plan to make your Shopify products yourself, such as jewelry or artwork. This may seem quite a challenge because you have to find a reputable and reliable supplier of the products that you sell and also need to be able to purchase at low prices so that you can make a profit. This process is commonly called as buying wholesale and it becomes a lot easier and profitable if you are buying in bulk.

Obtaining items wholesale

In this article, we’ll focus on getting Shopify products which are physical in nature. Ideally, when an item is manufactured, it should go straight to retailers who can add their markup and sell in their stores. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that and what happens actually is that the manufacturer sells it to a distributor who in turn sells it to a wholesaler (or vice versa). Retailers, in turn, buy it from a wholesaler. The more middle man there is in the process, the pricier the item can get.

Big stores like Walmart do so much of business that they are able to skip most of the steps and buy directly from the manufacturer. That is why you can get products from Walmart at such low prices. This basically undercuts the competition. But as an ecommerce website, especially if you don’t have the funds to buy in bulk, you have to buy Shopify products close to retail.

There may be some wholesalers who won’t sell to you unless you purchase Shopify products in bulk or certain quantity. Some of them may also not want to do business with you. It may take a while for you to build a strong relationship with your suppliers in order to get the best price possible.

Where to look for buying Shopify products wholesale

Internet is the best place for you to look for wholesalers these days. If you want to source Shopify products from China then you can certainly find some good wholesalers in Alibaba marketplace. You can also make use of trade associations and directories like Wholesale Central.

Another way is to find a store that sells some of the same Shopify products that you do and ask them for a recommendation. They may not want to help you if they are a competitor so you may have to keep looking out.

Besides the internet, you may also find wholesalers by attending trade shows. There are dozens of trade shows that wholesalers attend. You may be able to find a supplier that you may not find by other means.

Trade magazines are also useful, particularly the classified section to find wholesale suppliers for your Shopify products. Business organizations like the Small Business Development Center and the local chamber of commerce can also recommend you.

Other methods include talking directly to the manufacturer themselves. They may not be willing to sell you the products at the price they sell to wholesalers, but they will certainly help you in recommending some wholesalers. Another great idea is to visit ecommerce retailer forums.


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