Why do you need to capture leads?

Why do you need to capture leads?

One of the basic processes in sales is to capture leads. If passive income is one of your goals then you can achieve that by selling a product. The product that you are selling can be either an affiliate product or it can be one you have created. Either way, you must have set up a sales page. Then started ad campaigns to send visitors to the sales page for raking in profits.

The problem with this approach is that it is quite tough to convince people at first encounter. Your success is dependent on your conversions i.e. the percentage of people buying from you.

This approach although used by salespeople doesn’t tend to work too well. You may be wanting to make the sales process automatic. But trying to go straight for the kill might not work. This is why you need to capture leads first.

Why cold selling doesn’t work

Cold selling although used a lot in business, doesn’t work all the time. Imagine walking up to someone in the street and offering them a watch for $500. How many people do you think would be receptive to your offer?

You don’t walk up to someone in a bar and ask for their number straight away without any introduction. A proper way is to say hello and a little bit of introduction before you even ask for the number.

The reason cold selling seldom works is that the prospect doesn’t know the seller. They know nothing about the product. It becomes difficult for them to trust the seller. They won’t be able to understand how the product is going to solve their problem.

The same thing happens when someone lands on your page and you try to sell them right away. Chances are that they will not find any value and will leave your site.

How to capture leads and convert

The most effective way to sell a product is to offer something of value for free in return for their email. Once you have them in your mailing list, you can build a relationship before sending them to the sales page.

The way this works is by building a relationship you are developing trust in your prospects mind. This puts you in a position to pitch your products and they are more likely to buy.

This process may not look like passive. But there is technology today to automate the workflow. You can use a good autoresponder to set up your email sequence. Then write blog posts and provide value to your prospects in the first place.


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